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Credit: Dr. Murat Sivis

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The Quantum Nano Spectroscopy Lab
Tel Aviv University

Standing on the shoulders of giants, here we infuse the mature technologies of ultrafast photonics and electron nanoscale spectroscopy for emerging quantum phenomena. In time, these will enable a new perspective on small quantum systems and tools to control them individually.


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Our lab's main interest is the concept of coherence, its implications and applications.

We investigate coherent effects linked to :

  • The interaction and entanglement of free-electrons and photons.

  • Coupling optical resonators with electron beams.

  • Controlling the wave-function of a free electron with lasers.

  • Light-enhanced electron microscopy, and control of quantum systems.

  • THz spectroscopy and driving of quantum materials.

  • Coherent diffractive imaging (CDI) and holography.

  • Generation of X-rays and extreme-UV using high-harmonic generation, and harnessing their quantum properties for high-resolution lensless nanoscale microscopy.

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Latest Publications

In a paper published in Physical Review Letters, Dr. Kfir explained the coupling mechanism between relativistic free electrons in a beam and photons confined to an optical micro-resonator. The coherent buildup of the coupling amplitude alongside with the high density of states in the cavity supports dramatically higher e-ph couplings than predicted before.

The Team

Image by Vy Duong
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